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download This is main site download - jar + jad files zipped in 1 file, version 1.9
This is version 1.9 for UIQ2 - On other phones graphics is corrupted!!! Minimal screen size: 200x215. - final version.

download This is support file. Download if you need this
This is screenshot for uiq 2.x phones. With this software you can make screens and send me e.g. hiscores etc. Ask Google if you still don't know how do it.

All phones, j2me 2.0 required - interface: only phone keyboard - final version
All screen sizes but sometimes you must little fix it from game menu. Version 2.10
screenshot from 1.95

download Great free JAVA MidpX emulator for PC. Just install, and double click unpacked jad lineapolis for emulator for play this game on your PC. Very easy! (use pc numeric keyboard under playing and crsr)
screenshot from pc emulator

download This is support file. Download if you need this
This is jadmaker. With this software you can make jad files if you lost any, or have problem with oryginal jad.

PDA Version

download Lineapolis for PDA, interface: only touch screen, version 2.20 - final version. This is game version for J2ME emulator for PDA, any Windows Mobile PDA should working well. If your device not have j2me install first jbed3dmod

download jbed3dmod is great j2me emulator for Windows Mobile. Warning - probably you need install it in memory - not in storage card

PDA Version

download Lineapolis for PDA, interface: only touch screen, version 2.74 - FINAL.. Native WinMo version - CAB file. Any Windows Mobile PDA should working well. Mobile NET Compact Framework must be installed on device!

Please don't use OWB for download - I have wrong mime-type definition and your downloaded file can't be unpacked!!! I try solve this problem but unsuccessful :( . So use AmigaOS4 Netsurf or other OS browsers!!! Proper file size=482 408 bytes!!!
download Ami-Lineapolis 3.18 - This version is for Amiga OS4 (PPC system-not for WinUAE)

Please patch IKAROS 1.3.0-1.3.2 with included patch! After downloading check file size=933 387. If this different - use other browser
download Ami-Lineapolis 3.18 - This version is for AROS - you can run this program under Ikaros Desktop on PC x86

If you would like to project evolved, new features were created, or if you just like this program, please donate the project.
Update log:
1.0 - initial release

1.1 - added buttons gameA, gameB "on screen" so no need use virtual keyboard and real device buttons on some devices.

1.2 - disabled dragging if use new onscreen A or B buttons (bottom game screen), so buttons now much stable and not so sensitive.

1.3 - improved key read routines. Numeric keys now working. It's no matter if you are playing with stylus, but now game is prepared for conversion to only key phones. Some English help is polished, some procedures are more structural so program is shorter.

1.4 - Great speed improvements.

1.5 - Undo move option added.

1.6 - New design! Please try - you love it!

1.7 - Little bug repaired; little correction in help; another nice speed improvements.

1.8 - Refresh bug repaired, but it little slow down game; polish version help added; Great new feature: hint now cycling over all detected moves. It can be great help for player.

1.9 - Great feature added: quick save and load. In this version you have only 1 save slot but it will be improved in future. Even history is saving - you can undo game after loading! Single game save occupied 5kb disk space. Other little updates: Random hiscore deleted bug is repaired. Game Icon is now transparent (tested on uiq phones). Little info before installation added, you can check it on start installation or not. I also upload my new hiscore: 86!!! Can you beat me?

1.95 (11.2007) - All phones but not for UIQ. Rewritten engine should working on all phones and screens. Required j2me 2.0. Fullscreen enabled and scalable playfield implemented. Lineapolis small version removed from that page because it's depreciated.

2.0 (11.2007) - All phones but not for UIQ. Check now calculating moves like hint. Some little more other communication with user implemented. Little code polished. "Menu" picture displayed on start screen so you can know that must press this key to start game.

2.1 (11.2007) - All phones but not for UIQ. New help mode added-key 7 on/off show active location - use this feature if you like. New menu option added - TUTORIAL !!! Available in english and polish languages. Now you easy learn game interface. Fix: fixed autodetection screen size on devices with width bigger then height. Fix: Remove support for GAME_A, GAME_B keys because on devices without this keys other keys not work properly.

2.0-for PDA (10.2009) Rewritten engine for compatibility with j2me emulator for PDA

2.01-for PDA (10.2009) Coordinates movements was not correctly displayed - BUG REPAIRED

2.20-for PDA (10.2009) 9 slots for normal save/load added, undo after game finished is unblocked, game version is displayed after start, other minor changes

STOP LOG J2ME Touch screen - START LOG Windows Mobile 6.5
2.30-for PDA WinMo (08.2010) Adding demonstration game, Adding Player for reviewing your saved games. Adding new game mode - now is classic and bonus mode. Code ported to native WinMo system - Cab Version

2.40-for PDA WinMo (08.2010) Adding shift button - you can shift board for more space to play. Adding WVGA options in config - you can duplicate most important buttons to first page on devices with WVGA screens to prevent switching between menus. Significantly improved hint routine for speed, especially in bonus mode. Stop moving pointer if you touch under buttons-this little bug is repaired. Little refresh graphics on top board also repaired. Code work on WinMo system - Cab Version

2.42-for PDA WinMo (08.2010) For compatibility all text communicates was moved on top. In config added options to change point size - you can get smaller points - its important on low resolution devices or if you prefer clear graphics. Know Bugs: If board was shifted player should start from shifted position, but start from default - fixed in v2.5.

2.50-for PDA WinMo (08.2010) New feature - you can switch to gray theme in config. Bug fixed: after shifting board viewer start previous from default, now properly from shifted position.

2.60-for PDA WinMo (08.2010) 3 little interface bugs repaired. An player from French reached the limit moves in game (and game of course crashed!) so more memory was reserved in this new version. Possibility for resize board was added ("add lines" function). New auto-detection screen size was implemented for this improvements. And the last: new save game system - your old saves will be unreadable after this update - Big apology for that... If you like your saves and old version work for you - don't update... SORRY!

2.62-for PDA WinMo (08.2010) In rare situations graphical glitch can occured if you manage different sized boards-bug repaired. Added in config option to disable double put menu, you can set put to work in direct mode. Some little optimization, interface and help changes.

2.64-for PDA WinMo (09.2010) Compacted, cleared and another speed-up code (remove unnecessary checking in critical for speed hint routine).

2.68-for PDA WinMo (09.2010) Added free name mode in load/save/view routines. Added in help info about real name of this game (Morpion Solitaire). Recorded and added best possible games in 5t and ms2 Morpion modes to view it in free name mode in Lineapolis - in this help me Christian Boyer and Jean-Luc C. - Thanks!

2.7-for PDA WinMo (09.2010) Added in config auto-check function - if you enable it game constantly checking board and auto marking first possible move. Read more in config and test it for self.

2.72-for PDA WinMo (09.2010) User interface fixes in auto check routine - it was too aggressive and block some features so now auto-check is disabled if place pointer on grid where move is not possible and disabled if you use put (in direct or menu mode).

2.74-for PDA WinMo (09.2010) Bugs fixed: game crash if you not tap on button on free save/load/view screen. Stop saving empty file in free save mode.

STOP LOG Windows Mobile 6.5 - START LOG Amiga OS4
1.0 - Ami-Lineapolis (05.2011) Benchmark based on working Lineapolis engine released!

(no version) (05.2011) - Wow Current World Record=177!! Here is link: World record. I will implement simple nested monte carlo method in amiga OS 4 version. If possible get better result using Amiga OS4 computer? I don't know, just wait for full release program for amiga OS 4!!!

2.9 - Ami-Lineapolis (06.2011) - Only Amiga OS4
First version, code ported to portablE programming language, many differences specified to AmigaOS and some new features: better viewer integrated with gamemode, new free modes (I call it MS2+ and 5T+ - in this modes you can start any board with your any startup points).

2.94 - Ami-Lineapolis (07.2011) - Only Amiga OS4
added professional search engine!-expect improvements in next releases! Added procedures for auto fixing low space to play. Improved demonstration menu, Bug fixed: wrong quick-load communicate and wrong resize counter-fixed! Some spelling fixed.

2.98 - Ami-Lineapolis (07.2011) - Only Amiga OS4
finished demonstration menu (now demonstrations have 5 games including 3 World Records), now game mode is always displayed, Bug fixed: 5T+ game mode wrong communicate about game END.

3.02 - Ami-Lineapolis (07.2011) - strongly speedup search 5T mode (also changed display-less information but more important and less flickering). Add possibilities to load any 5T game to search 5T mode

3.10 - Ami-Lineapolis (08.2011) - Strong heuristic are invented and included-just work!. Engine optimization and first full otimized compilation - in my benchmarks program is 3x faster! Search 5T save simple statistic.txt. You can save first config with best graphics sync mode worked for you. Drawers are clean-up (please move your saved games into games drawer), manual now have icon.

Other info (08.2011) - World record in 5T game is now=178!!!

3.18 - Ami-Lineapolis (11.2011) - First AmigaOS4 and Aros release. Many work to improve heuristic. Code again optimized for speed. Improved search menu. Fixed wrong informations in demonstration menu. Update WR in 5T game to current 178. Renamed game modes to standart promoted by New view mode: manual human created view (F2 key-now only for classic modes). New functions for marking default cross in game (F3 key).