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This is my promo animation from A925. Game working super!
a925 screenshot

This is screen from sun j2ME emulator for PC. Game working nice without stylus.
sun j2me emulator screenshot

Some devices has big virtual java keyboard e.g. P910. So I upgrade game to version 1.1 and add to screen Letters A and B which working as good as virtual java gameA i gameB. Look at screenshot from game v1.1
P910 screenshot

Users with small screens want also play so I made version for this phones (176 or 180)x180. Screenshot from SDK emulator for SE K750
SE K750 screenshot

small version 1.4 should be working on nokia 9300, This is screenshot from emulator, Is this true on real device - I still don't know...
SDK nokia9300 screenshot

From version 1.6 game has new design. Screen from Motorola A925
A925 version 1.6 screenshot

Game version 1.9 designed for s60r3 devices:
s60r3 versiojn

Game version 2.0 designed for PDA - only touch screen:
PDA Version

Game version 2.3 designed for PDA - only touch screen Windows Mobile:
PDA Version
You see new feature on screenshot - you can store balls!

Game version 2.9 - only Amiga OS4 PPC system:
Amiga OS 4
First big computer - not PDA- with my game!

Game version 3.18 - AROS supported - new display mode on screen!!!:
Do you know that you can play ami-lineapolis on PC? Just need download Ikaros desktop, run aros and run this game!